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Best and worst apartments/condominiums of year 2008 in Johor Bahru

Year 2008 is coming to its end. We have voted 9 of the best and worst apartments/condominiums in Johor Bahru from over 20 candidates for their “must-know specialties”.

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Have a very Happy Christmas!

Thanks so much for reading our articles over the past weeks. It’s been a real pleasure writing them and seeing your comments. Merry Christmas!

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Inflation may come back soon (or it has never left?)

Inflation is a friend of property investors. However, it is an enemy to all home buyers because they don’t earn income from their houses.

Now its ammo has been used up, America’s central bank only has one real option left – printing money. That’s a huge gamble for the world economy – an invitation to global INFLATION!

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Latest economic data affecting property market

The next 6 months are crucial to property market in Malaysia. If unemployment rate can be controlled in order not to depress the whole market further, with the aids and support from our financial sector, investors will be able to pick up more cheap properties, leverage for higher return with lower capital outlay, and rely on steady rental rate to maintain (if not increase) cash flow from their real estate investments.

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Will property price and rental fall further?

One side of the propert market is confirmed – supply has increased. However, expectation on rental hike during this tough period due to the reasons discussed here may be the explanation why there are more investors enquire for rental properties recently.

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