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Why floating rate mortgage can be a better choice now?

When there is any interest rate hike, real estate investors should be happy about it because it means the economy is doing well and the government is concerned about inflation. Inflation is a friend of real estate investors – when the price of everything is rising, so are your rental income and property value!

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How to finance your real estate investment for maximum return?

3 major factors affecting the return of your investment are loan amount, tenure and interest rate. Making decision to finance your real estate investment through a mortgage loan can be as simple as answering the following 3 questions.

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Why you want to take up a loan for your real estate investment?

In short, good debts give you higher return with lower risk. The more you finance, the higher the return, and the sooner you will take back all your capital. We call them real estate investments worth borrowing or leveraging.

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How to know if a real estate investment is worth investing?

Actually it is not difficult and it does not need much of your time to know if a real estate investment is worth investing in the first place. All you need is crunching some numbers with your calculator, and Bingo! You can decide whether the property is worth investing.

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