Best and worst apartments/condominiums of year 2008 in Johor Bahru

Year 2008 is coming to its end. We have voted 9 of the best and worst apartments/condominiums in Johor Bahru from over 20 candidates for their “must-know specialties”.

The most strategic location
Surrounded by 3 highways – Tebrau Highway, Skudai Highway and JB inner ring road, Wadihana is located in kampong Wadihana – centre of the triangle of the 3 highways. “Perfect location”, surrounded by kampong, you will even get “rooster” giving you a wake up call every morning. That will be an extra you will not get in city living!!!!

The most “unbelievable” location
So near yet so far!!!! You could see Pulai View from Skudai Highway, yet it is impossible to get in directly (from City or Skudai). You would need to make an U-turn 2km away (which is about another 10 mins) from every direction in order to enter into it. Otherwise, you have to take small roads from Angsana Plaza or Tampoi Indah. Thanks to the designer of the “head-spinning” Perling Flyover – “Another Project by BN”.

“Too-well-planned” Club House location
Larkin Residence’s Club House is at least 200m away from the nearest resident unit, o.5km away from the farthest unit. Thanks to the on-hold phase 2 which is supposed to be constructed in between the club house and the existing phase 1. The developer should not have “planned” so far…

The best of the worst
Besides its large compound and good management, every 8 units in each floor of Sri Wangi are served by 2 spacious lifts with security gate at the entrance of ground floor (small point, it makes you feel like you are a jailbird getting out of the lift), making its residents the most fortunate apartment residents – although surrounded by several pretty run-down apartments like Lily & Jasmine, Sri Kenari and Park Avenue. Truly a rose among the thorns!

The worst of the best
Sri Kurnia is situated in one of the high class estate in Taman Pelangi. Although it has less than 60 units only, the management seems to have difficulty in managing this apartment with its super-small compound. Imagine, how would you feel if you see a main gate that still requires human power to open for residents and visitors?

The largest swimming pool
Straits Views has more than 3 pools as shown in the pictures. We found its compound for common facilities to be the biggest among all condominiums we have seen in JB.

The most pathetic swimming pool
If you are wondering how small a swimming pool can be for a condominium, you should visit Embassy Suite. Allegedly its swimming pool can only accommodate a family with 3-5 kids! Can you imagine the residents still have to share this pool with a budget hotel operating inside the condominium! Take a look at the picture and you can understand our sentiment. Sigh….

The most “environmental-friendly”
With broken light bulbs in most common areas (corridor of several floors and lifts) for the whole year, Larkin Utama is considered the most energy-saving apartment in Town! They even have a water conservation policy – “they DON’T change water of swimming pool at all”. They are really going “Green”…

The most children-friendly
Bistari Impian is the only apartment we found to be equipped with childcare centre just at the door step. Also, there are 2 primary schools (one Kebangsaan and one Chinese) within walking distance.

The too-lenient security
To top the list of leniency, we have to hand it to Bistari Impian. Anyone can get in and out without being checked. In fact, anyone can just enter into the apartment by waving hand to the guards in guardhouse – no ID is required from visitor. So, don’t expect you will be given a permit. Just drive straight through! Also don’t expect you can find out who has just moved in recently because the guard house has no record!

The most secured security
Prima Regency is the only condominium with so-called “3-tier security” – main entrance, building entrance and lift. If you happen to drop by in the evening, you will even see more than 10 security guards assemble in neat form in front of the management office for their daily briefing.

About The Author


Coming from a humble little town named Tangkak in north Johor state of Malaysia, I am so lucky to have chances to learn and work both in Johor Bahru and Singapore - a conurbation with 6.49 million still fast growing population - since year 1996. Hope now I can have a chance to contribute back to the community by sharing what I see, what I know and what I learn in this wonderful place.


  • Feng

    Reply Reply April 29, 2010


    Recently I saw from some web posting that Danga View Apt has changed the leased hold to free hold, reason given: the JB gov wants to attract foreign investment?

    Anyone has any opionion on Molek Pine in Taman Molek? Is that a good Condo project – for investment or own stay?


  • sky

    Reply Reply April 30, 2010

    Yeah Danga View Apt has been changed to freehold. I think build quality is really inferior at Danga View. Viewed one of the unit and there was water leakage here and there, a lot of cracks on walls of main building and it seem like there was imbalance sinking of land also, and it has only been like 5 years?

    Molek Pine is targetted at luxurious condo population with high quality facilities etc. However I find its location neither here nor there to be a good condo investment, own stay is fine though.

    just my 2cents 🙂

    Anyone has any thought on Stulang View and Wadihana?

  • Al

    Reply Reply May 10, 2010


    Do you think Tanjung Putri Condo at Stulang laut is worth investing in? Any thoughts on this condo and location?


    • Sgoh

      Reply Reply August 27, 2019


      What are your views about r&f condo near jb causeway? Does it have good investment value?

  • Winnie

    Reply Reply October 24, 2010

    Hi All Expert,

    I’m interesting in buying a unit at Sri Samudera (high floor – 700sf) selling at 286K and Wadihana condo (high floor – 1800sq) selling at 380K.

    Can you advise me which one is worth for investment? Any recommendation for other condo in Johor Bahru?


    • Bruce

      Reply Reply December 13, 2010

      Frinza Court at Jalan Abdul Samad. Great location. Quiet environment

    • chan

      Reply Reply June 19, 2011

      hi Winnie,

      worth for investment:
      1)danga view
      2)bestari impian
      3)bukit mewah view condo

      pls call/sms 012-7349007 Mr Chan for assistant,thks.

  • Eric

    Reply Reply November 11, 2010

    I just bought 2 unit lower floor face to face unit at Aloha Tower around 300k+/unit, I really like the location 3 minutes walking distance to Primary School and also Secondary school. good management and facilities. Good rental return 6 to 8% after deduct maintenance fee and sinking fund.

    • chan

      Reply Reply June 19, 2011

      Hi Eric,
      still looking for others investment?


  • michele tan

    Reply Reply March 17, 2011

    hi, why is the best and the worst in 2008 and not updated?

    the new and bad service with low quality material. Lagenda tasek, balcony leaking, aricon pipe leaking due to construction, toilet drain cover ,door lock everything spoilt. and the worse service is that the management promise to repair but never response again.

  • Adrian W

    Reply Reply March 26, 2011

    Does anyone have any comments on the “Adamai Condo in Jalan Abdul Samad, Johor Bahru.” I’m considering buying one and wish to know your views. (26-Mar-2011)

  • Samuel K

    Reply Reply May 14, 2011

    I am also interested in this condo. It is near to Woodland custom and lesser unit which is not so congested. The design wise is not bad too. I think it is worth for own stay and investment. What do you think?

  • Rachel Chin

    Reply Reply May 15, 2011

    Hi… I am kind of interest with Larkin Residence Club House and to purchase a unit for my own stay. What is your comment of Larkin Residence? Phase III is under construction at the moment and aim to complete in Dec 2012. I was informed it is leasinghold and only left with 88 years. What about nearby apartments / properties? Lease or freehold???? Thanks….

    • chan

      Reply Reply June 19, 2011

      hi Rachel Chin,

      Do u interested Bestari impian at Larkin?
      2 units want to sell..

      Pls call/sms 012-7349007 for assistance or viewing,thks.

      • Mook

        Reply Reply July 4, 2011

        Hi Chan

        Are u a property agent ?

        Any good unit for investment ?

  • Leng Leng

    Reply Reply May 17, 2011

    Hi folks,

    Can anyone comment on Palm Garden Condo in Jln Mariamah? Are the condo management and rental yield good?

    Leng Leng

  • Bruce

    Reply Reply June 1, 2011

    Palm garden appear to b quite run down from the outside. Moreover, there are quite a lot of units under auction. The units are generally at least 2500sqft. Although PDF is quite reasonable, the mthly maintenance is quite high. Consider frinza although it’s a walk up. Value for money.

    • norlisa

      Reply Reply September 28, 2011

      Hi Bruce, do you have any input as to why there are many on auction? how much is the maintenance fee exactly? is the facilities well maintained?

      • Bruce

        Reply Reply November 23, 2011

        Hi Norlisa,
        There are quite a lot of vacant units. Not too sure why. Go and drive past Palm Garden and you can see that the exterior walls are mouldy, dirty and not well maintained. At night, only few miserable units are litted, indicated very few occupied units. Location is superb but too bad, it seems to be a badly managed premises.

  • Andrew

    Reply Reply June 20, 2011

    Hi, anyone have any comment on Embassy Suite for own stay ? Is it a good investment here ? Security passed ? Thanks for sharing…..

    If not, which apt/condo is best recommended near JB custom ?


    • Wayne

      Reply Reply October 28, 2011

      You should consider Sri Samudera for own stay!

  • mike

    Reply Reply June 24, 2011

    Hi. I thought of buying a high floor unit at Stulang View Condo for RM420k in Taman Pelangi, primarily for location, easy access to transport, food etc. Any idea how is the maintenance by the MC? Thanks.

    • JOE

      Reply Reply June 30, 2011


  • Daniel

    Reply Reply August 28, 2011

    Hi anyone know the condominium at taman tampoi is a new condo haven built it .. And I interest buy a studio at there anyone can give me a comment … Thank …. – Greenfield Regency Freehold Condominum, Skudai Johor

  • mike

    Reply Reply September 5, 2011

    Its 1,680 sq feet. freehold. Anybody got any good/bad comments about this place? Thanks for your input:)

  • PC

    Reply Reply September 6, 2011

    Hi, am relocating to JB from KL.. Can anyone recommend the best and safest condo near causeway link to Singapore please?

    • sky

      Reply Reply December 16, 2011

      I would have to hand this one to Wadihana Condominium. located just 5 minutes drive away from CIQ and easily withink 10-15 mins walking distance to CIQ. Only the new apartment that has not been TOP since completed one year ago right beside CIQ can beat its location.

      • Bruce

        Reply Reply December 16, 2011

        generally, i don’t think anyone would want to walk from wadihana to CIQ. Not even from the new condo. check out the condos along jalan abdul samad. serene, quiet and yet super convenient to ciq

        • Sky

          Reply Reply December 16, 2011

          Well, I know people who does that. And sometimes I see ppl who does that too. 15 mins of walk is the norm for all who works in Singapore.

  • Abby

    Reply Reply September 9, 2011

    Dear All

    Anyone knows about “Casa Tebrau” ? It looks nice . Is this a good investment/place to live?
    Appreciate if someone can comment

    • ngoi

      Reply Reply November 14, 2011

      any comment about Sri Kurnia in Taman Pelangi? any idea what is the selling price now? i’m looking for a condo in Taman Pelangi

      • Kat

        Reply Reply January 2, 2012

        Hi Ngoi,
        I stayed at Sri Kurnia (Maju Condo) previously & I can tell u for one – u are not getting much for ur money. There are a few ‘pioneer’ residents who were there right from the beginning & the last I heard was that they have come together to form a resident committee to manage the place. However, this could mean that the maintenance fund could be used as deemed fit by the committee. No gym, filthy pool, but they managed to scrap together a ping-pong room in a poorly-lit former lounge area. Consider Stulang View instead if u like Pelangi.

        • Mike Johor

          Reply Reply April 2, 2012

          Yes, ur right..I went to look at Sri Kurnia apartment, units quite big but the place/corridors looks old and not well lit, the swimming pool is just next to the Guardhouse/Main gate (how horrifying to have the guards and people going in/out ogle at you or your teenage daughters in their swimming suit!) and the corridor walk towards the pool is quiet, dark and doesn’t look very safe (unless you want to walk from the front door, right in front of the guard house in your swimming suit!). At that time I viewed (Early 2010), they were asking for RM265k for the unit. Plus point:- Big units, location,freehold, price. Minus point:- Small common area (doesn’t feel like a condo), not well maintained, old, dark corridors to everywhere (to unit, to swimming pool etc), no gym, playground, tennis. clubhouse etc.. I considered Stulang View instead… I liked the feeling the minute I entered the condo..although its very near the main road, near shops & easy access to transport, Giant, pasar malam etc. its surprisingly very quiet and peaceful inside, with sounds of bird chirping.. Units also large 1,690 sq feet, bright, cheery and airy, freehold, close to food and transport & hypermart yet quiet and peaceful…has a resort-like feelling..Now they are re-painting exterior, looks much better! But prices have gone up a lot recently..when I enquired early last year was abt RM400-420k for high floor units, now advert askg for Rm480-500k for higher floor units.

  • Nelson Tee

    Reply Reply September 10, 2011

    Hello dear all properties guru,

    I’m looking for apartment/ condo for investment purpose.
    Any good recommendation?

    I’ve viewed one unit @ Embassy Suite # 11 floor, asking for $268k, existing rental =$1.2k

    • vincent

      Reply Reply December 9, 2011

      u can look for prima regency at masai.
      there 3 room apartment cost about $210k to $260k.
      the current rental return is about $1.6k.
      and their maintance is well kept.

  • wen

    Reply Reply October 22, 2011

    can any one tell me about pan vista apartment ?

    Location, worth for investment ? what is the best price can consider to buy for 3 bed rooms

    appreciate your advice

  • tan

    Reply Reply October 29, 2011

    Hi, anyone have any comment on pulai view or danga view for own stay ? Is it a good investment here ? Security passed ? Thanks for sharing…..

  • Aynix

    Reply Reply November 13, 2011

    Any comments on perling heights?

  • Sam

    Reply Reply November 27, 2011


    anybody know about the condition of Tanjung Putri Condo in Stulang Laut ? The security wise ? Is it worth investing for own staying ?


    • stella

      Reply Reply January 2, 2012

      hi , anyone also buy D’ambience condominium? any comment?
      izit permas jaya very far to CIQ?

  • Lengleng

    Reply Reply December 16, 2011

    Hi I am keen in Tanjong Putri Condo too. Is it a good investment?

    Noticed some positive comments on Aloha, but frankly the building exterior looks rather old. Any comments why do you all think it is good?

  • Roland

    Reply Reply December 16, 2011

    I’m looking for a fully furnished studio apartment to rent around CIQ or KSL City. Anyone has such a unit to let?

  • lady foreigner

    Reply Reply December 29, 2011

    i’ve been in johor more than 5 yrs, from the beginning when i first came to JB, i rented master room, the longer i stay in jb i begin to rent a whole unit of apartment or houses(staying alone because my family not with me at JB) , because i didn’t see anyone post their ‘home staying feedback in JB as reference for foreigner who are staying alone and don’t like noisy environtment’, so i think i should say something at here, if u r giving me this permission, thanks. A。 i’ve been staying in Bayu Puteri Apartment 3 – the security there is not so well, i’ve been park my car at my own parking slot, but still experience my car tyre being 弄破; there is one thing that i can say good about the apartment building: at least the building apartment’s wall 不像其它我住过的建筑物‘偷工减料’,墙壁隔音算良好。 B。I’ve been staying in Mount Austin double storey house opposite the sunway college – security there is quite nice and friendly, 隔音也没有偷工减料。C。I’ve been staying in Jalan Kuning, Pelangi, the feng shui there is not good, 房内有梁,屋后有树,agent aunty still introducing me to rent there. i stay there for one month only then i move out because i sense i’m not comfy staying there. D。Prima Regency – as what you have posted above, very good in secure management, and quiet environtment too, just a little expensive for me because i’m staying alone. E。 Permas Jaya – once meet with foreign neighbour, bad neighbour family or member i thought who come from thailand or 缅甸, they have a small dog but just leave their dog crying (dog sound very disturbing, but it’s not like usuall barking) at the backyard near the kitchen. and like to have ‘member party’ untill midnight 3am on weekday. (a piece of advice: dont find a place to stay such as neighbour with dog, also take note what kind of neighbour that stay beside you.) F。Jalan Nibong Tmn Daya – 破财风水屋,不信者应该没事。房间墙身隔音非常的差,除非自己花钱装修,租住者就建议搬家好了。eventhough the house big enough but ‘对我来说,属偷工减料型’ 。 If anyone got any rent house experience please send to my mailbox:, appreciate if anyone can share with me, thanks.

  • Katherine

    Reply Reply January 2, 2012

    Hi! Anyone has any comment on Vista Heights condo near Thistle Hotel? Thinking of buying a unit. Many thanks!

  • James Zhang

    Reply Reply February 3, 2012


    Is there anyone giving me some comment on Stulang villa and Stulang View Condo?


    • Eric

      Reply Reply January 12, 2013

      Hi James,

      Generally Stulang View Condo is strategically located in the matured residential/commercial area in JB. Just minute to CIQ. Very high occupacy rate and units for sale is rare.

  • malini

    Reply Reply March 14, 2012

    Anyone know what will become of the abandoned Kemayan City in JB?

    • Haira

      Reply Reply October 29, 2018

      Now . Paradigm mall:)

  • jen

    Reply Reply March 15, 2012

    hi, i’m interested in buying a condo at Tropicana Danga Bay which will be completed in 2014 as an investment. Looking at a 2 bedrooms 958sf, RM600k. Can anyone advise if it will be a potential investment, even if i don’t move in and lease it out for rental purpose? I’m not familiar with that area, only aware that it’s near to checkpoint and by the coast area. Hope to hear some feedback soon. Thanks n cheers

  • Karen

    Reply Reply March 20, 2012

    Hi I am looking for Stulang View Condo, Pls contact me at

    • Eric

      Reply Reply January 12, 2013

      Hi Karen, There is a unit for sale at the Stulang View if you have a budget eyeing on the newly launched project then this unit should be comfy to your pocket. you can reach me at 0197770763 eric

  • Lau CK

    Reply Reply April 3, 2012

    Thanx for sharing

  • Saif

    Reply Reply April 24, 2012

    Looking for condo in Sri Mulia or Adamai Luxury to buy for my own stay.

    Pls contact me at

  • irene

    Reply Reply April 30, 2012

    Tebrau City – those who think Tebray city is new but there is lot of building maintaince problems with ceiing cracks, wall cracks and other building issues. the carparks are dirty with rainwater remain on ground and mosquito breading and i also heard its not at all safe for people to walk out at night. many residensts who have moved in has moved out within 6 months and people always think why?

  • Lau CK

    Reply Reply May 7, 2012

    Hi Ong, May I know your opinion on Persiaran Tanjung Apartment? when was the completion? have they got their title and what your opinion on investing on it? Thanx

  • Kelvin

    Reply Reply May 23, 2012

    For those asking about Stulang Tanjung Puteri condo, here is my 2 cents: I have stayed there for more than 1 year during 2003-2004. That place is known as “mistress village”; many China dolls around. The swimming pool is a joke (probably can rival the Embassy suite’s pool mentioned in this article).
    Security wise: no comment. But this place doesn’t seem to have a lot of family type of tenants. So if you are planning to settle there with your family, not sure if it’s a good idea.

  • k w low

    Reply Reply June 9, 2012

    Mr Ongkl appears to be an extremely helpful & magnanimous person….hard to find!
    All the best to him & to those who have benefitted from his knowledgeable advice.

  • Darrick

    Reply Reply June 22, 2012

    Anybody know near the tampoi, there got a apartment called mewah view luxurious apartment.
    May I know regarding the apartment isn’t a good location for investment & the apartment can rental out how much per month?
    Appreaciated if your can provide more information for my consideration to confirm the deal..
    Thank you

  • thiru

    Reply Reply July 15, 2012

    Hi… Guys … its the larkin heights good investment?

  • Steve

    Reply Reply July 22, 2012

    I recently bought a serviced apartment at Austin Suite by Mahsing at about RM 405 / ft2. I bought the 2 bedroom units at 14 floor – 906 ft2, facing east.

    What do you guys think?

    • Bruce

      Reply Reply January 24, 2013

      Hi Steve. Lots of new apartment / condo coming up at that site. Lake View Suite already completed (more than 5 years), and next is Palazio. Then Austin Residence (3 blocks) and next Austin Suite. It’s going to be congested. Lake View Suite residence already facing parking problem at the road leading to it. Well, it’s going to be competitive if you plan to sell

  • Amin

    Reply Reply August 7, 2012

    Anyone has any opinion on Seasons Luxurious Apt? Due to complete in 2015.
    Dato’ Lee Chong Wei owns bought one unit there.

    • Ju

      Reply Reply August 31, 2012

      Hi Amin,
      Where’s d location n do u hv any contact no. I can call? Thx u

      • Janet

        Reply Reply December 30, 2012

        I’m keen to buy Seasons Lux Apt. Anyone care to share whether the developer ok or not ? You can drop me text msg on my mobile at 016-7379177

  • thiru

    Reply Reply August 13, 2012


  • thiru

    Reply Reply August 13, 2012

    Hii. Anyone interest to buy larkin heights apartment.. ?

    • Eric

      Reply Reply January 29, 2013

      Hi Thiru,

      What is the size and other details of your units?

      you can drop me an email at
      I maybe able to get you a buyer if your unit is suitable

  • Lynn

    Reply Reply September 12, 2012

    Anyone knows about vista height?? How’s it?? Worth buying for own stay???

    • mike

      Reply Reply October 25, 2012

      Lynn, vista height is located in an area very dark at night, roads very narrow n worse, very hilly… The condo outsell is on slope, so manoeuvring in n out of the place is very challenging… If u like that area, might as well look at Frinza, Adamai, aloha, sri mulia, etc.. For that price i bought Stulang View in Pelangi..cheerful place, just repainted, easy to get in n out, ships n supermarket walking distance, quiet inside, like a resort, with huge swimming pool… Vista height is located on a very small piece of hilly land. Area gives me the creeps at night..maybe bcos it’s dark, hilly n foresty…

    • Bruce

      Reply Reply January 24, 2013

      great location ! but the last I know was that the management is not doing a good job (e.g. the swimming pool is dirty and abandoned-like). but looks like lately they repaint the whole apartment.
      despite that the location is in the heart of CBD, it’s really quiet and peaceful. good for family. and hilly too slightly. almost like kenny hills 🙂
      well, not bad all in all, but depends on price. last year i think it was transacted at about rm250k.
      but you may want to consider frinza and others around the area (except for palm garden)

  • Lay Kuan

    Reply Reply October 29, 2012

    Hi, May I know your opinion on Persiaran Tanjung Apartment? what your opinion on self stay and investing on it? Thanx

  • lay kuan

    Reply Reply October 30, 2012

    Hi Ong, how do you think Persiaran tanjung condominium at taman bukit alif. Izit worth to buy at price 165K for investment and self stay??

  • a. singh

    Reply Reply November 6, 2012

    i have 3 bedroom(2 with attached bath) 1033sqf 20th sty c/w 3 bath corner unit at sri samudera seaview residence 5 minutes drive from CIQ (next to THISTLE HOTEL,general hospital ) good security by card access ,beautiful sea & city view, windy , 100% furnished c/w 5 air-con, 2LCD tv, home entertainment system, etc for rent at rm2,800/mth. contact me (owner- singh) 016-7303078 / 02-90085910(s’pore) or email

  • H S Tay

    Reply Reply November 30, 2012

    Hello. I am interested in Stulang View condo for it’s convenient location but it looks old. Anyone know how old is this condo?

    • mike

      Reply Reply January 24, 2013

      This Condo is 15+ years old, paint was quite old but repainted last year, more look very nice. Its a great location for food transport supermarket, banks, church, mosque, schools, everything is within walking distance. Great for families that don’t have or don’t need a 2nd car at home. Security is great. maintenance is good.recently they’re collecting money to change the lifts, cos the lifts look a bit dated and old, although in good working condition. I think it will do a lot for the image of the place. I love the fact that it is close to amenities yet its very quiet n serene inside the compound. Resort like feel to it. Other condos in abdul samad area, you need a car to go around get food etc.

  • Joan

    Reply Reply January 5, 2013

    Hi, anyone knows about this pelita indah condo at naer Wadi Hana? Is it good for investment? Heard that it is going to upgrade and do up the building..Thanks!

  • Eric

    Reply Reply January 12, 2013

    Anyone here has unit at the Sky Executive Condo Bukit Indah for sale?

    Thank you

  • Eric

    Reply Reply January 12, 2013

    Can anyone advise on the rental rate of a renovated cluster house in Austin Heights (aobut RM200k reno) comfy and soothing and new. Prefer expat

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