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What must you know before renting your property out?

Renting a house is not easy. Fauzi shares with us few things and tips to be considered before we rent our property out. The best tenant target would be company or expatriate as the payment timing is sharp. With speedy technological and informative environment now, for a unit to be rented out within less than 2 weeks is free and easy. Other issues like tenant selection, deposit and legal document are discussed in this article. Renting a property is a serious and professional business rather than just a real estate investment.

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Why apartment can be the best real estate investment?

What accounts for the primacy of apartments over other real estate investment types? In this article we outline the four reasons why apartment property can be the best real estate investment in terms of cash flow, demand, affordability and business cycle.

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How to buy additional properties with mortgage refinancing?

Refinancing real estate can be one of the sources of start-up capital for your real estate investment. This post is contributed by Fauzi from Life In Me explaining in detail about how to buy yourself a new property by refinancing your real estate.

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Why you should consider buying oil palm land now?

Demand of palm oil is set to rise. Despite the recent recovery sign in agricultural commodities, palm oil price has been depressed by the concern of recession for more than half a year. We believe now is a good time for you to start invest in oil palm land. In the coming months, you may be able to get prices much lower than what you might have been offered last year. Take your position in this type of real estate investment this year and you may expect to see significant return for the next 2 years with a ride on the return of inflation.

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What is considered a “Furnished Apartment for Rent/Sale”?

We have seen many apartments that are considered “furnished” asking for high rent or selling price. But what we see are odd pieces of furniture thrown in together. The condition of the furniture is also in bad conditions and it is not even consider livable. “Furnished”, “Partial-Furnished”, “Unfurnished”, what are these names? Are they just terms that owners and property agents used freely? What are they benchmarking against?

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