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It Is Time To Go Fishing (for Property?)

If we have been accumulating cash-flow-generating properties, we will find ourselves now enjoying the increased rental income pushed by the other endless tide – inflation. We will also see the equity in these properties escalated by the tide of property boom. While the property market is consolidating, it is time to consolidate our financial statements as a preparation to go fishing in the ocean of real estate again. We should now be able to find extra capital from the increased equity of existing properties, and more time to wait for better deal in an over-supplied market.

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Is the bear market returning?

Markets have been wobbly for at least the last week or so in any case. But the big blow to confidence yesterday was the Washington-based World Bank’s announcement that the economy was in an even worse state than it had thought as far back as three months ago. In March, the World Bank reckoned the global economy would shrink by 1.7% this year. Now, despite a three-month stock market rally, it reckons it’ll shrink by 2.9%!

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Is economy on her way of recovery?

Recently we have been hearing media and papers talking about the recovery of economy. Is economy really on its way of recovery? Well, we have seen stock markets rally for more than a month. However, over the last two weeks we have seen a number of interesting items which appear to give hope for a new global bull market and a number that do not.

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Real estate investment Q&A #3

We have received a lot of feedbacks and comments from readers which help us to improve the contents of this blog and make a place of discussion about real estate investment. We hereby summarised some of the questions and answers which you may have missed but yet interested.

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Is the worst over for real estate investment trust (REIT)?

The market has discounted REIT shares to levels that anticipate a drawn-out period of deteriorating fundamentals. They are trading at steep discounts to asset values. The single most important factor affecting a recovery will be the course of the economy. It is likely things will get a bit worse before they get better. There has never been more fiscal and monetary stimulus thrown at the world’s economies. Mortgage rates are down. Mortgage refinancing is up. Spreads are starting to narrow between different grades of securities. But it is going to take time because the economic and financial crisis is just too big.

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