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How to do a simple property market analysis?

Although there is no way to know the future, there are numerous ways we can analyse the past and make some educated prediction as to the future of the property market. This post shares a generic yet simple way to analyse property market.

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Flip or Hold: Which is Better?

What kind of real estate investing should you do? If you’re a relatively new real estate investor, this is a question that would definitely come up in your mind. The most common and popular are the Fix & Flip and the Buy & Hold methods. Comparing these two strategies is almost like comparing an apple to an orange. If you already have the skill set for both, then whether it is a better decision to flip or hold a property, depends completely on the market situation.

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Are You Stuck in Property?

With the rise in property prices over the years, there are many investors who are committing well over 30% of their income towards property. People max out the loan amount, and saddle themselves with huge monthly housing loan installments in their desire to buy property. How much should you commit when you want to buy a property? How can you improve your financial situation if you are already overstretched financially?

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How to Be Sure if a Property is Worth Investing and Worth Financing?

Many individual investors let good opportunities slip through their fingers without knowing it mainly because they fail to identify if an investment is generating enough cash flow or not. This happens commonly in real estate investments as most of them involve finance. Moreover, calculation of cash flow becomes more sophisticated when there is a loan involved in an investment.

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It Is Time To Go Fishing (for Property?)

If we have been accumulating cash-flow-generating properties, we will find ourselves now enjoying the increased rental income pushed by the other endless tide – inflation. We will also see the equity in these properties escalated by the tide of property boom. While the property market is consolidating, it is time to consolidate our financial statements as a preparation to go fishing in the ocean of real estate again. We should now be able to find extra capital from the increased equity of existing properties, and more time to wait for better deal in an over-supplied market.

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