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More guaranteed rental return schemes in the market?

Investors are always being reminded to be wary about “guaranteed rental return” (GRR) schemes in Malaysia property market. It will not be surprising to see more and more guaranteed rental return (GRR) schemes in the next few years. As developers seek creative ways to increase the appeal of their property in a more challenging market to come, more hybrid variations will eventually surface.

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Flip or Hold: Which is Better?

What kind of real estate investing should you do? If you’re a relatively new real estate investor, this is a question that would definitely come up in your mind. The most common and popular are the Fix & Flip and the Buy & Hold methods. Comparing these two strategies is almost like comparing an apple to an orange. If you already have the skill set for both, then whether it is a better decision to flip or hold a property, depends completely on the market situation.

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Are You An Effective Real Estate Investors?

Good habits are better than good luck! Developing a successful long-term real estate investing business requires skills, effort and these seven habits.

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How to Add Value and Appeal to Your Rental Properties?

Owning and operating property is a constant battle to keep units in tip-top shape to make them attractive to current and prospective tenants. But where do you start? What renovations will attract good tenants, while also increase the value of your property?

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How To Interview Your Tenants To Prevent Disasters

Experienced landlords are well aware of the fact that bad tenants can cause severe disasters to your precious property. The good news is that, lots of problems faced by a landlord can be solved just by a smart screening process. If you’re not maintaining a standard procedure every time you screen your tenants, then this is a must-read article for you.

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