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How To Interview Your Tenants To Prevent Disasters

Experienced landlords are well aware of the fact that bad tenants can cause severe disasters to your precious property. The good news is that, lots of problems faced by a landlord can be solved just by a smart screening process. If you’re not maintaining a standard procedure every time you screen your tenants, then this is a must-read article for you.

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How to Provide Maximum Security for Your Property at the Lowest Cost?

Residential burglaries are quite common in Malaysia. Ensuring proper security of your property is an extremely important issue. The weak points leading to most burglaries today are somewhat hidden. You can fix them easily. Just making a few changes, additions or modifications of behaviour can help you become a less appealing target.

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10 Signs of Property Flipping Disaster

Regardless of market situation, beware of early warning signs that a flipping deal can potentially go south before it happens. Before jumping into any flipping deal, if you have noticed any of the these signs, please make sure your insurance can cover you against high-probability, high-cost man-made disaster.

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Social Responsibility Reduces Risk in Property Investment

Not many people know that being socially responsible when we invest our money significantly reduces the potential risk, particularly in property investment. Renowned investors like Robert Kiyosaki and Warrant Buffet know it very well. It is not easy to explain the reasons behind it thus for many years it remains as one of the secrets of success in investing.

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Are You Stuck in Property?

With the rise in property prices over the years, there are many investors who are committing well over 30% of their income towards property. People max out the loan amount, and saddle themselves with huge monthly housing loan installments in their desire to buy property. How much should you commit when you want to buy a property? How can you improve your financial situation if you are already overstretched financially?

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